The Ideal EMDR-Device for Your Session


The Flexible EMDR-Device for Professional Use!

Enjoy the freedom to do what’s important in an EMDR session! Focus on your clients and the process. Take notes whenever you want; even during processing. However, if necessary, use hand waving or tapping (tactile stimulation) without being disturbed by the EMDR device. Without having to move your arm and shoulder constantly, you will be motivated to perform several EMDR sessions one after the other without any effort.

Why use an EMDR device in sessions at all?

That is a legitimate question! As an EMDR and trauma therapist and alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, I have been working with EMDR for over 10 years. For a long time, I thought that I would not allow my EMDR sessions with my clients to be dominated by an EMDR device. I get along with the hand waving very well, even if it becomes exhausting after two sessions, which usually require a lot of waving. 3-4 sessions a day took me up to my limits. Maybe you experienced that yourself? In addition, I have always regretted that I can not take notes, especially while processing, so while I am waving. At this moment although my clients give me a lot of important information, whether with the help of facial expressions, gestures or verbal. I tried to remember the essentials for later notes; mostly, however, I forgot the small important details. Of course, with an EMDR device that does the visual stimulation, it looks different.

The first prototype of the REMSTIM 4000.

A lot has happened since then!

Why invent a new EMDR device?

However, my interest was low, as long as only devices were to be purchased, which dominated the usual EMDR seating arrangement or made it even impossible. Cost more than 500 euros and sometimes even additionally require a smart phone or a tablet such as an ipad for the installation of an app to use. I kept looking for an EMDR device that adapts to the EMDR seating arrangement, is inconspicuous and does not force me, for example, to have a table between myself and my clients. Even a camera tripod with a so-called light bar, I did not want. A closeness to my clients is important to me, as it has several advantages: I can occasionally wave, if I wish; I can tap (tactile stimulation) and I like to use a stress test during the session, to which I regularly touch my clients’ hands.

Having gained much experience in developing an EMDR device thanks to my invention of the EMDR glasses REMSTIM 3000, I occasionally thought about developing a suitable EMDR device for my EMDR sessions by myself. It took me a while to come up with a brilliant idea that would make my EMDR device better than the one already available on the market. But the sparkling idea came!

Coach Yourself with EMDR-Glasses REMSTIM 3000

The EMDR-glasses REMSTIM 3000 EMDR fulfill all the essential functions of an effective self-coaching EMDR-device.

Focus 2 mode for positioning

in front of the client’s eyes.

Why only visual stimulation?

I was always sure that my EMDR device would only be designed for visual stimulation, as I use it with a frequency of 99% in my session. I use tapping (tactile stimulation) only when my clients are no longer able to follow the visual stimulus. For example, when the eyes are full of tears. Since I prefer the gentle abreaction, but this happens very rarely. Nevertheless, my device, which I imagined, should give me the opportunity to easily jump in with tapping in a second.

Also, I do not use auditory stimulation in my sessions. Sure, I recommend EMDR music for relaxation exercises at home. There it is helpful. I have also produced EMDR music (more) for it myself. But to enable my clients to effectively and quickly process their incriminating issues, I have been favoring visual stimulation in my EMDR sessions for the past 10 years.

The invention of the REMSTIM 4000

Then it happened. There it was: the brilliant idea for my own new EMDR device. After numerous and long conversations with many colleagues I started the development. What came out, not only inspired me.

Maybe I have developed something that you won’t want to miss in your EMDR sessions in the future. But of course that is your decision.


The REMSTIM 4000 fits flexibly and discreetly into the usual arrangement of an EMDR session.

The stimulation unit of the REMSTIM 4000 measures 65 cm, is very slim and produces with its 59 micro-LEDs a fine and unobtrusive light pulse (color green, no blue light component). The laterally positioned and height-adjustable holding device with flexible gooseneck allows exact positioning in the field of view of each client. During development, special attention was paid to ensure that the device would neither interfere with vision nor communication. One-hand operation controls the functions and operation of the REMSTIM 4000.

Unique is the duplicated stimulation signal in order to control at any time whether the client can follow the stimulus.

Also, the spontaneous visual stimulation by hand waving, if desired, is possible. Therefore the REMSTIM 4000 can be moved instantly from the stimulation position into the park position and back without significantly disrupting the EMDR process.

What makes the EMDR device REMSTIM 4000 so popular?

Infrared remote control

Easily operate all functions with the infrared remote controle

Please note that the built-in LEDs are pulsed for the specific application. During movie shooting this usually causes visual distortion such as flickering or the like due to visual interference with the frame rate.

“It´s wonderful to be able to focus on my clients and the process during the EMDR sessions and take notes at any time. Since I use the REMSTIM 4000, I have never missed the hand waving.”

REMSTIM 4000: The ideal EMDR-Device for your session



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