Important information

1. The REMSTIM 4000 is a device used for the stimulation of eye movements

2. The use of REMSTIM 4000 does not replace the work of a psychotherapist, physician or alternative medicine practitioner. Therefore, an ongoing treatment should not be interrupted or cancelled, and any treatment needed in the future should not be postponed or omitted entirely.

3. The application of the REMSTIM 4000 does not nullify medical directives. The responsibility lies entirely with the user.

4. The use of the REMSTIM 4000 in persons who suffer or have suffered particularly from the following diseases should be checked by the user for compatibility:

  • Epilepsy
  • Eye disorders,
  • Cerebro-organic diseases,
  • Addictive disorders,
  • Dissociative disorders,
  • Ego disorders.

5. It is the responsibility and decision of the user to begin, continue or terminate the application of the REMSTIM 4000.

6. The use of REMSTIM 4000 can temporarily cause intense emotions.

7. Use the REMSTIM 4000 only for the purpose for which it is made.

8. If the eye movements are found to be unpleasant, particularly during the first application, it requires the optimization of the personal device settings of displacement (correct distance) and / or speed and / or brightness. In rare cases of dizziness, nausea or eye pain, stop REMSTIM 4000 and adjust settings.

9. Do not expose REMSTIM 4000 to extreme weather conditions (rain, snow, sun, wind).

10. Protect the REMSTIM 3000 against water.